6 modules to feed
you about food irradiation

Food Irradiation

An update on the current uses of food irradiation, from America to Asia & Australia through Europe.

Food Irradation

> Global and Asia Market situation
Yves Henon (iia)
> US and Latam Market situation
Suresh Pillai (Texas A&M)
> Needs & challenges of the food industry
Marc-Remo Kündig (Kündig)
> Journey of a food product
Eric Colin (Colin Ingredients)

Food Quality

Impact of irradiation on food quality: positive and non-desired effects for various applications corresponding to different levels of dose (phytosanitary, decontamination, and sterilization).

Food Quality

> Overview of the possibilities and limits of the food quality technology Phytosanitary - Decontamination - Sterilization
Alain Strasser (Aerial)
Anuradha Prakash (Chapman)
Barbora Dubovcova (Bühler)
Suresh Pillai (Texas A&M)

Celina Horak (IAEA)

> Link science/regulators - practical examples > Discussion on the positive & negative effects balance
Alain Strasser (Aerial)
Suresh Pillai (Texas A&M)


A review of the different legislations, by continent. With a specific focus on the European situation.


> Overview of global regulations
Carl Blackburn (IAEA)
> European focus
Jean-Baptiste Perrin (EU Commission)
> USA focus
Lane Highbarger (FDA/CFSAN/OFAS)
> Asia / China focus
Gao MeiXu (CAAS)
> Labeling impact

Pennanen Kyösti (VTT)
> Perception from the industry in EU, US and Asia


Dose mappings, Monte-Carlo simulations, and practical examples.


> Dose mapping and standard
Florent Kuntz (Aerial)
> Monte Carlo Simulations
Practical examples (PQ X-ray - Apples and mangoes)

François Vander Stappen (IBA)
Barry Cox (Steritech)

Matthew Murdoch (Bühler)
> Irradiation - results and conclusions
Florent Kuntz (Aerial)
François Vander Stappen (IBA)

Technical solutions

An overview of the different irradiation modalities and their respective applications (low energy electrons, high energy electrons, photons).

Technical Solutions

> Irradiation in practice
1. Low energy electron beam (<300 keV)
2. High energy electron Beam (10 MeV)
3. X-ray (5-7 MeV)

> Which solution
for which application?

Panel Discussion


3 practical workshops to follow a food product along the different steps: irradiation, dosimetry, physico-chemical and nutritional analysis in labs, sensorial experiment.


> Sensorial experiments

> Feerix visit and fruits irradiation

> Visit of the labs

Live sessions scheduled to allow worldwide participants

In order to allow as many participants as possible to attend IFIS, live sessions will be scheduled between 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm
(Central Europe Time GMT+1)


All sessions will be available online for replay less than one hour after the ending of the session.


1 to 1

1 to 1 meeting will be available  during IFIS depending on personal agenda and availability.

Program overview

sessions will be scheduled between 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm (CET)

Tuesday, March 9th

Day 1
  • Welcome
  • Global Market situation
  • Current situation in the USA and South America
  • Break & // Meetings with speakers
  • Testimonials:
    Needs and challenges of the food industry
  • Break & // Meetings with speakers
  • Food irradiation : Overview of the possibilities and limits of the technology
  • Break & // Meetings with speakers
  • Food sterilization
  • Packaging and combined treatments
  • Wrap-up and discussion panel on the +/- effects balance
  • 1 to 1 meetings

Wed., March 10th

Day 2
  • 1 to 1 meetings
  • Workshop 1 : Around coriander treated with low energy electrons
  • Panel – Discussion with experts
  • Workshop 2 : Around mangoes irradiation
  • Panel & Meetings with speakers
  • Feerix visit and fruits irradiation.
    Discovery of R&D capabilities at Aerial
  • Panel & // Meetings with speakers
  • Overview of global regulations
  • European regulations
  • Break & // Meetings with speakers
  • USA regulations
  • Asia / China regulations
  • Labeling impact
  • Perception from the industry in EU, US, Asia,…
  • Discussion
  • 1 to 1 meetings

Thurs., March 11th

Day 3
  • Workshops wrap-up
  • Food irradiation process control
  • Monte Carlo simulations – High energy
  • Monte Carlo simulations – Low Energy
  • Break & // Meetings with speakers
  • A practical example of X-ray processing
  • Feedback on dose mappings of fruit pallets
  • Tech solutions Low-energy electron beam (< 300 keV)
  • Tech solutions : High-energy electron beam (10 MeV) and X-rays (5-7 MeV)
  • Which technology for which application: Panel discussion
  • Break & // Meetings with speakers
  • Global wrap-up and conclusions
    5 practical actions to unlock
  • 1 to 1 meetings

Key Speakers