Florent Kuntz

Project manager, Ph.D


Florent KUNTZ received his Physics Engineer Diploma in the field of nuclear science from University of Strasbourg-France. His involvement in Radiation Processing began during his Ph.D. in which he conducted research on new developments in electron beam dosimetry. (University of Strasbourg-France)

Florent KUNTZ is working with Aerial, a Technological Resource Centre, as project manager in radiation processing and dosimetry.

In the field of radiation processing, Florent KUNTZ performs trainings on industrial irradiation dosimetry, helps the industry in IQ/OQ/PQ, in dosimetry system selection and calibration. He has also developed the famous AerODE, AerEDE and DoseASAP customized optical and EPR dosimetry equipments. 

As dosimetry expert, he conducted several missions with the International Atomic Energy Agency and is member of ASTM and CEN/ISO committee

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