Jeremy Brison

Jeremy Brison, PhD
Director of Product & Innovation
IBA Industrial

Jeremy Brison has been working for IBA in R&D and innovation since 2011. Before joining IBA, Jeremy was a researcher in the field of Physics and Bioengineering for more than 10 years in prestigious universities and research programs. Jeremy attended the accelerated management program at Solvay Brussels School after his PhD in Physics at University de Namur and Post-Doctoral in Bioengineering at University of Washington.  Today, Jeremy manages the Product Management team, in charge of developing the industrial irriadiation solutions and applications of tomorrow. 


High energy E-beam and X-ray: an overview of the technical solutions and typical cases of food irradiation

Monte Carlo is the state-of-the art technique for the simulation of particle transport, of their interactions with matter, and the dose deposition. It allows to predict the achievable dose uniformity depending on the irradiation parameters and the product properties. An excellent agreement with measurements has been shown. 

In this presentation we will show the potential of simulations, and use them to analyse the dose uniformity ratio for various configurations of products. We will compare the achievable uniformity in E-beam and X-ray. Specifically, we will study the impact of the density, shape and arrangement of food products like fruits and fresh vegetables.

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